Annual Conference

The International Conference on levitra brand International Relations and pills store buy levitra Development (ICIRD) is one of the key activities organized within the framework of the ICIRD Knowledge Network.

The main objective of the conference is to provide a forum for debate between scholars, practitioners, civil society and community representatives on current development, international relations and human rights trends in Southeast Asia. The conference focuses on particular themes which differ from year to year.

The conference is held annually on a rotating basis at the Network’s partner institutions in Thailand. This year’s conference, the 3rd International Conference on International Relations and Development (ICIRD 2013), will be hosted by Chulalongkorn University on August 22-23, 2013.

For more information on ICIRD 2013, please click here. For the best viagra prices details of the past conferences (ICIRD 2011 and ICIRD 2012), please click here.